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TV Guide is a bi-weekly American magazine that provides television program listings information as well as television-related news, celebrity interviews and gossip, film reviews, crossword puzzles, and, in some issues, horoscopes. The print magazine is owned by NTVB Media, while its digital properties are controlled by the CBS Interactive division of ViacomCBS; the TV Guide name and associated editorial content from the publication are licensed by CBS Interactive for use on the website and mobile app through an agreement with the magazine's parent subsidiary TVGM Holdings, Inc.

Mr. Samuel A. Oganezov Jr. mentioned, "Total waste of money!! It used to be mandatory to pick up a copy of TV Guide at the grocery check out every week (they were right by the check out) but during the 1990's the stores stopped carrying it. I thought it went out of print! Everybody used to buy it as a necessity and suddenly it was gone. I started getting the TV listings from the newspaper-- inferior but at least it gave a listing of TV shows. Then I saw Amazon carrying it and was overjoyed to find an old friend. Alas this old friend has turned into gutter trash! First of all the listings are in the style of the newspaper and then only partial during the evening. No listings for daytime or late night viewing. No details about the programs. No listing of local channels. The listings are canned so the time zones don't even match! TV Guide should have gone out of print in the 1990's if this is what became of the once great magazine!!!"


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Former Employee - Broadcast Designer says

"I worked at TV Guide full-time for more than a year Cons: Too many VPs. Filled with people just waiting for a severence package"


"I have been working at TV Guide Cons: Constant layoffs and extremely high turnover"


"I have been working at TV Guide Cons: High turnover, layoffs are not a plus at this place."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at TV Guide full-time Cons: Quite a few layoffs happening regularly and they like to hire lower level workers for a lot less than competing networks."

Laura says

"The original app was great. It sucks now. Find something better. Freezes all the time and can\'t look ahead. Totaly not user friendly. Somebody is getting paid to justify their job. Very disappointed. "

Andy says

"I downloaded the TV Guide App a couple years ago and it was great. It was a list by day and hour, very easy to navigate. Then recently I went to use it and it had been updated. It is so bad now, I couldn\'t even figure how to find out what\'s on! What is so tough about making a list divided by the half hour showing what is on every channel? TV Guide must be run by the spoiled moronic children of the old paper version\'s retired fat cat\'s who are either dead or no longer give a flying bleep. They should be ashamed."

Laura says

"Show just don’t show up. It sucks"

Annette says

"It is the worst ever!"

Ellie Carlisle says

"If I could give a zero I would. Terrible app and finally just deleted it. Don’t bother downloading it."


"I had a subscription for TV guide , but issues kept not arriving and when I’d phone they would say that they would expand my subscription to cover. Well I got fed up with the service so canceled my subscription and when reminded them of back issues I had issued there was no record if these so I had paid that money for nothing."

Teddy Bear says

"Looking at the reviews last week for the programme Supermarket Sweep on ITV, and also to vote it 0 out of 10, people were remarking a week before that they couldn’t understand how it hade a 5.8 popularity. When I looked at that time there were around 600 votes and was down at 5.2. All comments were negative about the programme.
Currently the user rating is showing 8.7 and 2469 votes and ALL the reviews have been removed.
I wrote a review there on how fishy this looked but it was not posted. Because it is TV Guide which controls the reviews I know THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FAKE RATINGS.
Do not trust them."

Riab says

"I would prefer not to give any star for this farce. If you make positive comments about a programme you have watched you get shot down it flames by others who do not even bother to use the site as intended as a review site. Some also have a personal vendetta about one particular presenter and we have to suffer reading their abusive and sonewhat disgusting vitriol. As a consequence I have had a long standing disagreement with a person/s over one such presenter on Bargain Hunt. Because I find her okay I get abuse. I have my suspicions that it is someone working at the site and stirring up controversy. They have said they do and have cited all the names I have previously used which is evidence enough. I have complained twice and they know all about that and sneered and make reference to the fact they are still working despite my complaint. It is all rather sinister and I have decided no longer to be a part of it which is a shame as I have alway enjoyed peoples points of view and humour."

Harley says

"You think tv guide would be helpful but when you click on it you get lost in all of the intrusive ads. You can't follow what you originally were looking at. Greed makes for bad experiences."

T H says

"HORRIBLE! The majority of TV Guide listings for my area are WRONG! The phone app is even worse. What has happened? TV Guide no longer a credible source for viewing schedule! Did not even reply to my in app request and feedback. If I could give zero stars, I would. I encourage all to email tv-guide-support@ and complain. Maybe we can get their attention."

Jesper says

"Just missed an hour of BGT. The kids are devastated. Who thought it's a good idea to NOT list ITV 1 but only ITV +1 with a snotty little +1 that barely visible. I never review anything, but I'm fuming. So here we are."

Kathy F. says

"It takes 3 weeks to arrive, which is 2 weeks after the listed show. Useless. Their site is also useless, and they do not respond. It's a total waste of money."

Discerning Shopper says

"By 2018 the site has got so many ads on it there is little room for the
tv show listings. Frequently the listings are not accurate which is very frustrating. In late November they started having no information at all other than the name of the episode or you can watch a trailer. I don't want to watch a preview I just want a short summary! I guess they are so busy trying to jam as many ads in as they can, they don't have time to keep the guide accurate or informative. Additionally, there seems to be no way to ask for help or give feedback. The links on their site haven't worked for several days and they don't make it easy to give feedback."

Michael Hegedus says

"This, without a doubt, has to be the worst run website in the entire world. Loaded down with ads. Downloads slower than the old dial-up 56K modems. When your trying to get info on a particular episode of a show, the text is hidden behind a box asking you if you're going to watch the show or there is no text just a short "preview" which, at the rate it downloads, will take you longer to watch than the actual program."

Kathryn Hoffman says

"The print of the station logo is so tiny that it is unreadable. Cannot use this site."

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